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Signature Body Emulsion

Signature Body Emulsion

Pure luxury in a tin. Face and Body Emulsion will moisturise and hydrate the most sensitive of skins. It’s designed for daily use and is handcrafted from a base of high grade edible hemp oil. Rich in Omega 3 and 6, Hemp oil mimics skins own natural protective barrier and contains powerful conditioning nutrients. A protective layer of botanic wax adds a lasting shine, creating a lustre that makes skin look plump and youthful. Made from only the best natural raw ingredients.

Beauty Bar

Pink French Clay Beauty Bar

Great skin starts with the simple act of cleansing. All Beauty Bars and Soaps are made using cold pressed traditional methods. Saponified oils are hand mixed with natural raw ingredients like freshly blended hemp milk and raw earthy clays. Beauty Bars and Soaps make skin clean and fresh without that dry after feel some commercially produced soaps often leave. For full body exfoliation try Beauty Bars with walnut, rosehip or salt.

Shaving Soap

Mens Shave Soap

Infused with freshly blended hemp milk, aloe and botanic oils. Shaving Soap for men has been specially formulated to protect the most sensitive skin during shaving. Users will be surprised at how this soap can provide a comfortable shave and help alleviate painful razor rash. It’s as simply as adding water to the synthetic hair brush, swirling across the cake to produce a rich lather and applying directly to the face. 

Cream Cleanser



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Special Occassion Beauty Bars


Richly fragrant chocolate makes these extra-large soap bars an indulgent gift. Spoil yourself or someone you love with Melt Special Occassion Soap. Handcrafted using real cacao, tipped in gold with roses.

Face Massage Oil



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