About melt

Our story, and why we’re so passionate about what we do.

When was the last time you considered what you’re using on your skin?

The beauty industry is saturated with mass marketing, glamorous heavily made up models, and content labels which read more like a laboratory textbook. At Melt we simply offer an alternative approach to skin care returning back to natural healthy basics. As the founder of Melt I’ve had over 30 years experience in the beauty industry as a television and photographic makeup artist. During that time I’ve spent many hours listening to people share their stories, wishes, and concerns about beauty, health and wellbeing. Melt was born out of a passion to encourage family, friends, and clients to live their best life and embrace a range of handcrafted natural soaps and beauty products, which are Vegan, palm oil and toxin free. All products are handcrafted in Brisbane, using minimal biodegradable packaging and are a labour of love, free from harmful chemicals, detergents, fillers, colours and additives. Melt products are not tested on animals. Only the best quality essential oils and fragrance oils are used. Since Melt was launched in 2017 we haven’t looked back, attracting a dedicated tribe of devotees who relate to living a healthy lifestyle. Our mission resonates with many people, including those with sensitive skin, and those with an environmental conscious. To our delight our Melt Family is growing. We’d love you to follow our journey... better still, be part of it!

Here’s to Melting into a world of beautiful skin and sensory wonders. Please share your photos at familyalbum@meltorganics.com.au