hemp skin soap

Handmade vegan soap made from natural botanic oils and hemp milk

Beauty Bar

Melt Beauty Bars are handcrafted using traditional cold pressed soaping methods. High quality ingredients such as saponified botanic oils and butters are used to produce lather naturally, and only lightly fragranced with natural essential oils. Each beautiful bar is hand coloured with raw clays and earthy ochres. You’ll enjoy the gentle exfoliation of dried herbs and spices with the added benefit of freshly blended hemp milk for guaranteed goodness. Your skin will love you for it. This product is handmade and free of chemicals, detergents or synthetic ingredients.

How do they compare

Melt Beauty Bars and soaps are made from freshly blended hemp milk and give a gentle conditioning cleanse. Suitable for sensitive skin they will not strip skin of its natural protective barrier but rather return it to natural health and vitality. By choosing to cleanse with a Beauty Bar you’ll be nourishing, revitalising and restoring your skin back to natural  health. 

Our Promise

Melt is committed to producing luxury products that are ethically sourced and locally made. We have soap for every skin type, and for your peace of mind they are both vegan friendly and palm oil free. Products are handcrafted from high quality natural botanic oils and butters, freshly blended hemp milk, hand ground herbs and spices, along with natural clays and earthy ochres. There are various fragrance options to suit your needs and preferences - products are available fragrance free, lightly fragranced or fragranced with quality oils. Melt believes in protecting the environment with minimal excess packaging and supports zero waste principles. Products and practices are continually reviewed.

Information and care of your beauty bar

When considering the soap that you use, an important difference to note is that handmade cold pressed soap does not have the longevity that a detergent based soap (most store bought) has. Melt has been created especially for people who are concerned about what they are using on their skin. A traditional botanic soap can be used daily, and is by far one of the easiest and best choices for healthy glowing skin.


Hemp soap bars should be stored in a cool dry place, preferably with a little air circulation. Bars containing salt are prone to react under certain environmental conditions and may weep or sweat in humid or wet weather, but will dry up once the weather returns to a comfortable temperature and are fine to use.


Each Beauty Bar is hand cut to approximately 1 inch thick weighing  6 - 7 oz. Bars will continue to harden as they age, it's normal to expect a little shrinkage in size over time as moisture evaporates from the bar. The benefits of an aged bar is that it lasts longer during use. I choose not to add Stearic Acid or Sodium Lactate to harden soap in order to avoid some of the damaging effects to skin.


For maximum preservation while using the soap it is a good idea to have a soap dish in your shower or bath that drains well. If your soap sits in water it will quickly turn mushy.


If you're thinking of making the switch to a traditional handmade soap and you've been using regular store bought soap you may find you need to clean your shower a little more regularly. The pay off is that the detergents will be cleaning your shower, not your body!