hemp shaving soap

Men’s Shaving Soap, made from hemp milk and natural botanic oils.

Melt Shaving Soap

Dedicated to the special men in my life:

Whether a fella is clean shaven, or facially bushy, struts an outlandish mo, or dramatic goatee, his skin needs taking care of. Just how much skin is exposed to the elements varies from face to face, but getting up close and personal calls for smoothness and softness! During decades of working as a makeup artist the common frustration voiced by my lovely male friends and clients was shaving. Cuts to the face, a nasty rash or dry itchy skin was not just physically annoying, it also can undermine confidence. Melt Hemp Shaving Soap for men is my contribution to these unpleasant problems. With a nod to traditional shave products, it is easy to lather and infused with soothing aloe which protects the skin.

Shaving Soap is creamy, hydrating and gentle enough to use every day on as little or as much manscaping as you want!

Special Formula

Not just your regular bar of soap, Melt Shaving Soap was created to optimise the soothing effect of hemp milk and aloe on skin made vulnerable from razoring. This super satisfying creamy soft soap fragranced with my own essential oil blend of cedar-wood and warm spice.

Travel light

Compact and easy to use Melt Hemp Shaving Soap is the perfect travelling companion. The 100g tin includes a soft synthetic hair brush. Brushes and refills are available for purchase separately.

Our Promise

Melt is committed to producing luxury products that are ethically sourced and locally made. For your peace of mind they are both vegan friendly and palm oil free. Products are handcrafted from high quality natural botanic oils and butters, freshly blended hemp milk, hand ground herbs and spices, along with natural clays and earthy ochres. There are various fragrance options to suit your needs and preferences - products are available fragrance free, lightly fragranced or fragranced with quality oils. Melt believes in protecting the environment with minimal excess packaging and supports zero waste principles. Products and practices are continually reviewed.

Special order

Hand poured pot set Hemp Shaving Soap is available at Father’s Day and Christmas or special order arrangement.