hemp oil moisturiser

Hemp seed oil face and body moisturise. Handmade from natural botanic oils to protect and nourish skin.

Signature Body Emulsion

Inspired by my Mediterranean heritage this clear green emulsion is lightly fragranced with essential oils of citrus and a hint of spiced cinnamon and clove. When I open the tin I'm instantly transported back to the deep blues and greens of the Mediterranean Sea, with memories of yellow sandstone buildings and sun so hot it makes your skin golden brown. It takes me back to a time when life was simpler, food was fresh and good things were made by hand, and made with love.


How it's made and how to use it:

A fine dispersion of purified water dissolved in unrefined cold pressed hemp oil makes body emulsion a suitable moisturiser for all skin types. It's a substantial product that stays on the skin without feeling uncomfortable and the texture is never heavy or greasy. This product had to pass the test of the hot Australian summer. Speaking of hot Queensland summers, it is a good idea to keep the tin in the fridge during extreme heat. Be aware that this product is a little more fragile than regular store bought cream because it doesn't contain binders or fillers that are used to stabilise across varying temperatures. Should you experience any separation in the cream from time to time, that is quite normal and can easily be rectified by using a spatula to mix the oils together before applying. This product is designed for daily use and you will see best results if used regularly.


Why hemp?

If you're still a little unsure about using Hemp seed oil it is made from the Hemp seed and doesn't contain THC or psychoactive component. I chose to make emulsion from Hemp oil because it has wonderful health benefits for skin in  terms of healing, nourishing  and moisturising. Hemp oil can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as prevent signs of ageing. It is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive, acne prone skin because it soothes inflammation, helps to regulate oil production and will not clog pores. Normal skin that suffers from dryness at change of season or in extreme weather will find the emulsion useful to maintain a healthy skin balance. For those with dry, sensitive skin it helps protect and hydrate and increases surface moisture, bringing a dull skin back to life.


Special mention to those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis; please seek advice from a medical practitioner or health care professional prior to use. The essential oil in this product may irritate broken skin. Alternatively please contact me directly and I will make a natural preparation that is best suited to your requirements.

Our Promise

Melt is committed to producing luxury products that are ethically sourced and locally made. For your peace of mind they are both vegan friendly and palm oil free. Products are handcrafted from high quality natural botanic oils and butters, freshly blended hemp milk, hand ground herbs and spices, along with natural clays and earthy ochres. There are various fragrance options to suit your needs and preferences - products are available fragrance free, lightly fragranced or fragranced with quality oils. Melt believes in protecting the environment with minimal excess packaging and supports zero waste principles. Products and practices are continually reviewed.